Photo Gallery – Camp Butner, NC, 1943.

This first image is the only one that I know for sure is Camp Butner. The images of the tent inspection could be from Camp Sutton. I am assuming from the permanent buildings in the background that they are taken at Butner.

Bob Butcher at Camp Butner NC.

Field lay out inspection

Field lay out inspection

Field lay out inspection


18 thoughts on “Photo Gallery – Camp Butner, NC, 1943.

  1. My father was at Camp Butner in Jun of 1943. His name was Joseph T. Rynkiewicz (Army S/N-32 278 831) and he was a PFC in the U.S. Army Air Corps. I would like to learn more about what he did while at Camp Butner in Jun of 1943?

    MSgt John J. Rynkiewicz UASF, Retired

    • My mother worked there as secretary for Capt. Stuckey during WWII. Do you have any suggestions on researching? Thanks.

    • Rob,

      Thank you Sir for sending me this information on Camp Butner. Unfortunately it doesn’t have any info on my father but I will have to keep trying to see if I can locate anything on his time spent at Camp Butner in Jun of 1943. Again, I appreciate you taking your time to find this and send it to me.

      God Bless you

      MSgt John J. Rynkiewicz USAF, Retired (

  2. I found this website from just a search on Google. I know absolutely nothing about military terminology, but I”m planning to transcribe my father’s letters back and forth during his time in the army. In 1944, he was stationed at Camp Butner, in Company “C”, the 1699th Combat Engineer Battalion. His name was James L. Sapp. He is African-American. He is now deceased, but I”d just like to know a little more, for my family history. I’d appreciate any information or other photos, if possible.

    • Hi. Thanks for reading my blog. It is great that you have the letters. I only have two written by my grandfather. If you have the APO #’s from the letters it will help you know where he was at the time he mailed the letters. I have a copy of a yearbook of sorts that was put together for Camp Butner during the war. It is undated, but there are some pictures showing combat engineers training. I can send you photocopies of the pages if you are interested.

      I have found that searching for information on a relatives military service to be very rewarding and somewhat addictive. Sometimes you find information in chuncks, but many times it is in specks. I am sending you an email with other information.

      Good luck with your search.

  3. I would like to learn more about the history of Camp Butner.I feel I owe it to our service men past and present.I’m really into U.S. and N.C. history

    • Hi Scott. I wish I had more information on Camp Butner also. I have a paperback yearbook of sorts that was put out during the war that has lots of photos around Camp Butner but not a lot of text. I hope to upload it at some point if I can get permission from the publisher.

  4. My father Robert Andrew Paul was there around July of 1944. Trying to find information on him. need suggestions where to look. He died in 1962 when I was 8 yrs old. Any help greatly appreciated.

    • Hi. Thanks for taking a look at my site. Have you tried getting his records from the Archives yet. That is a good place to start. Do you have information that he passed through Marseilles? The 54th Replacement Battalion was not there until December of 1944, but there were other replacement battalions there before the 54th took over. My experience so far has been that finding records for individual’s time at a replacement depot is hard to find. It was a confusing time of constant change and many records were lost after the war.

  5. Hello everyone,
    My name is Michael Mercier and I am on the board of directors for the future Camp Butner NC museum. We are in the crawl stages of turning the dream of creating a museum honoring the over 40,000 soldiers who passed through the gates of Camp Butner a reality but we could certainly use everyone’s help to make it possible.

    The majority of our artifacts for display are items that have been dug throughout the camp over the years but we are in need of uniforms, equipment, gear, medals, insignia or even photos from Butner itself. Photos do not have to be originals but other items would be greatly appreciated. We have one of the two remaining wooden structures original to Butner (all other wood structures have been torn down) but is in desperate need of a complete renovation. Even if you do not have any artifacts, we would certainly appreciate any donations. We are a 503(c) non-profit.

    We do not have a website yet, but for more information please feel free to contact me at

    Thank you all so much!


  6. Thanks for the link. I did not know that any of the original buildings remained. I am going to put a link to you on my website.

    Good luck with the museum. It looks like you are off to a good start.

    • Hi. I got lucky because my grandfather took lots of photos at Camp Sutton. I do not know of any place that would have a collection of Camp Sutton photos off the top of my head. However, I am getting ready to go through all of my files and try to consolidate records and make sure I have all the information online soon. I will keep and eye out for that name.


  7. Hello…I am looking to find any info about the camp letting old barracks being removed from the camp back in the 1950’s. Have friends who live in a home that was at one time barracks from Camp Butner. Their family is looking for more info about how the buildings came to family farm…Thank you for any help. Michael

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