Photo Gallery: England 1944.

Leaving New York Harbour for England, Jan. 1944.

Leaving New York Harbour, Jan 1944.

Leaving New York Harbour, Jan. 1944.

I have labeled these as NY harbour as a best guess.  It is possible that some or all could be in Liverpool, England, Southhampton or Marseilles.

The following photos and the photos in the chapter on France are divided based on the best information that I have right now.  I would not be suprised if some are initially in the wrong group. If you see an error, please contact me and help me update the information.

Bob Butcher in his jeep outside the Crown Hotel in Glastonbury England, 1944.

Couple by stone wall.

Col. Englebeck, BN CO.


The following pictures are assumed to be in England until I figure out otherwise.  Most are from Bob Butcher’s photos.

Bob Butcher and two unnamed men.

Bob Butcher by gas pump.

Bob Butcher by wall.

Bob Butcher on a box.

Unnamed soldier on box

"Bob Butcher Vesella, Jim King, LK King, Jackson standing" Butcher collection


Bob Butcher, Vesella, King, King, Jackson in truck


Butcher with Boy and shotgun


Gas Station, other pictures in gallery taken here.

Street scene, unnamed location.Edgarley Lodge, Glastonbury. Courtesy of Roger Parsons.


Edgarley House 1910. House renamed Edgarley Hall in the 1930's. Courtesy of Roger Parsons.The Hermitage on the grounds of Edgarley Hall. Courtesy of Roger Parsons.