Photo Gallery: France

These photos are from a mixture of sources. Most are from Bob Butcher’s estate. Recently Frank Baker was very kind and allowed me to borrow his collection of photos to scan and use in this project.  Other sources are noted. The photos from the Lapeere collection are from the Calas Staging area but are not directly related the 54th Replacement Battalion.

Battalion area at Septemes, France, 1945, Baker collection.

Bob Butcher in Jeep at Marseille docks, 1945.

Entrance to Calas Staging Area, Marseille, 1945, Lapeere collection.

Street view of Calas Staging Area, Lapeere collection.

“The boys in the classification section”, Septemes, France, 1945, Baker collection.

T5 Jack Rutt with Scampy, Septemes,France, 1945, Baker collection.

Scampi tag from Phillippe BaulardTag found in Calas Staging area by Phillippe Baulard in 1973.  Note the names Scampy and Jack Rutt.



“T5 Hamilton fills the Col’s recon”, Septemes, France 1945, Baker collection.

“roy Elliot, Sr. Noncom in personel section”, France 1945, Baker collection.

“Pvt Don Wagner runs the message center”, France 1945, Baker collection.

“The medical corp guys” – Frank Baker collection

“Yours truly – that’s water in the canteen, I’ll swear to it” Frank Baker collection.

Chaplain Adams driving a stake at Chapel tent. Baker collection.

Chaplain Baines and Adams at Chapel tent entrance. Baker collection

1st Sgt Leo Hobby, 210th Repl Co. Marseilles France, 1945. Baker Collection.

Frank Baker, Ed Wicks, Mark Wheeler, Le Canebiere in Marseille. Baker collection.

“This is the area where we ate all meals.” Septemes France, Baker Collection

Assorted replacements processed by the 54th, France 1945, Baker collection.

Capt Ira Hart, 210th Repl Co. Cmdr, Septemes France. Baker collection

“Blackie is the classification section mascot”

Distant harbor, Marseille, 11-19-45, Lapeere collection

Distant tents, Marseille, 11-25-45, Lapeege collection

Harbor, Marseille France, 11-25-45, Lapeere collection

Play ball in Marseille France, 1945, Bob Butcher on right end.

Ball team in front of Delta Base Section sign, Marseille France, 1945. Bob Butcher is center front row.

Bob Butcher in front of truck, France?

“Chaplian Baines spelling unknown talks to the boys”, Baker collection

Unknown location, Butcher collection

Butcher, Unger & Delashmitt in back, Butcher collection.

Unknown soldier by a wall, Butcher collection.

Butcher and others in jeep in Marseille France, April, 1945.

Bob Butcher in Basencon France (?), January 1945.

Bob and unknown women, Basencon (?)

Bob Butcher and unnamed soldier, location unknown.

Autographed picture for Bob Butcher, Basencon, Jan. 28, 1945.

City University building, Basencon France. Close inspection shows a window marked in pen. Butcher collection.

Unnamed couple by stone wall. Butcher collection.

If you have related photographs that I could add to this gallery I would be very happy to see them.


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