Unit Roster for 209th Replacement Co.

Unit Roster for the 209th Replacement Company as of 8 January 1944, on departure from the US with the 54th Replacement Battalion.


Wagner, William C.   1 Sgt, original cadre
Gulas, Eric P.   S Sgt, original cadre
Hadley, Lee E.   S Sgt, original cadre
Walter, Wardell T.   S Sgt  
Gibson, William J.   Sgt, original cadre
Harvey, Walter K.   Sgt, original cadre
Paxton, Charles J.   Sgt, original cadre
Gulas, Mike P.   T4, original cadre
Mason, Donald C.   Cpl  
Montella, Micheal J.   Cpl  
McSwain, Harold W.   Cpl  
Struewing, Wifred H.   Cpl  
Adams, James D.   T5  
Candido, Antonio   T5  
Heibert, Bernard W.   T5  
Hoy, John P.   T5  
Doucette, Leonard J.   Pfc  
Friedberg, Stanley   Pfc  
Hempel, Henry F.   Pfc  
Hoffman, Alfred R.   Pfc  
Krimsky, Seymour A.   Pfc  
Marchesin, Anthony P.   Pfc  
Martineau, Leo C.   Pfc  
Nostin, Michael A.   Pfc  
Perkins, Robert J.   Pfc  
Reed, Hubert D   Pfc  
Sullivan, Donald W.   Pfc  
Moffitt, Charles J.   Pfc, original cadre
Lawrence, George W.   Pvt  
Needs, Donald E.   Pvt  
Salesman, Joseph E.   Pvt  


Source: National Archives, Unit history folder for 54th Repl BN.


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