211th Replacement Company, unit roster.

Unit Roster for the 211th Replacement Company as of 8 January 1944, on departure from the US with the 54th Replacement Battalion.


Wilhelmy, Paul E.   1 Sgt, original cadre
Johnson, Howard A.   S Sgt, original cadre
Menozzi, Ralph   S Sgt, original cadre
Fulton, Reed C.   Sgt
Sitze, Edwin L.   Sgt, original cadre
Ulrey, Nelson H.   Sgt, original cadre
Stewart, Russell C.   T4
Thompson, George L.   T4
Carrell, Glenn P.   Cpl
Ferland, Edmond P.   Cpl
Freije, Abraham C.   Cpl
Graff, William E.   Cpl
Graziano, Charles P.   Cpl
Narcez, Abraham, I.   Cpl
Plaag, Robert G.   Cpl
Wierzbicki, Eugene M. Cpl
Agostinelli, Joseph   T5
Boren, Owen C.   T5
Pennacchio, Nicholas J. T5
Smith, Anthony F.   T5
Vance, Leroy   T5
Dooley, Joseph   Pfc
Haerle, Walter F.   Pfc
Jimerson, Billy E.   Pfc
Raia, Anthony M.   Pfc
Roselli, Carmello   Pfc
Sabacinski, Michael W. Pfc
Ezzo, michael J.   Pvt
Haggar, Alfred J.   Pvt
Vecchio, Anthony   Pvt

Source: National Archives, 54th Repl BN unit history folder.


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