Training Cadre as of 31 August 1943.

Enlisted Cadre as the time of activation (25 May) and changes to 31 August 1943.

Source: Unit files from National Archives.


Name                                   Serial No .     Grade          Changes

Felts, John R., Jr                34172157      T Sgt   21 June –promoted to M Sgt

Cross, Fred M.                    36172659     S Sgt

Kosciewicz, Gustave D       13127779      S Sgt

Kowitz, Jack N.                    33370139    Cpl       10 July – trfd to Co


Magner, William C               32407975    1 Sgt

Menozzi, Ralph                     33099389   S Sgt

Hadley, Lee E                       32107978    Sgt

Harvey, Walter K                 33018533   Sgt

Gulas, Eric P.                         34147586   T4        24 June – promoted to S Sgt

Gibson, William J                  32699962   Cpl       31 August – promoted to Sgt

Moffitt, Charles J                  31279125    T5


Paxton, Charles J.                 36067594        1 Sgt  2 Aug-Reduced to Pvt, trfd to Co A

DeTandt, Maurice R.            35358481        S Sgt   27 June – trfrd to Hq Co, Camp Sutton

Hobby, Leo C.                        38234018        Sgt

Pitts, Clyde W.                       34150132        Sgt     14 Aug – promoted to 1 Sgt

Gulas, Gus P.                          34286730       T4      20 June – promoted to S Sgt

Levitt, Charles                        32788936       Cpl     10 July tfd to Hq det, 54th Repl BN

Markey, John O.                     35626426       T5      20 June – promoted to T4


Wilhelmy, Paul E.                    32131872        1 Sgt

Barr, Roy S.                             34421471        S Sgt   17 June trfd to Hq Co, 12th Repl Depot

Johnson, Howard A.                34593194        Sgt

Sitze, Edwin L.                          35162786        Sgt

Ulrey, Nelson H.                       35543303        Cpl

Gulas, Mike P                            34147590        T4    11 June – Trfd to Hq Co 12th Repl Depot

Ali, Musa A.N.                           31242650        T5     17 June- Trfd to Hq Co 12th Repl Depot

Blow, David L.                          33123854         T4      17 June – Trfd to Hq Co 12th Repl Depot                                                                               27 June – Trfd to Hq Co, Camp Sutton



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