Chapter 09: 54th Replacement Battalion Officers

The following information is a consolidation of various sources. A majority of this information was compiled by Delbert Williamson during his time as Battalion Historian with the 54th. It is no exaggeration to say that this project would not have succeeded without the unit history that Lt Williamson put together. My information on the Battalion becomes much less detailed after he was transferred out of the 54th.  If Mr Williamson or his descendants see this, THANK YOU.

I am still working on cleaning up this information and getting it in a more readable form.

Adams, first name unknown. Chaplain in France.  Information from Frank Baker.

Chaplain Adams driving a stake in the Chapel. Frank Baker collection

Chaplains Baines and Adams at Chapel tent entrance. Baker collection

Barnett, James R. Jr. Captain, Chaplain, 0508062. Chaplain Barnett was detached from the 9th Replacement Depot and assigned to the 54th as Battalion Chaplain on 21 February 1944. He was promoted to Captain on 1 June 1944. On 12 August 1944 he was released from attachment, and on 19 August was transferred. The new assignment was not listed.


Berblinger, Willis B. 1st Lt, Cav. 01032126. Lt. Berblinger was assigned to BN HQ from casual status on 10 March 1944. He was assigned as Personnel Officer on 14 March. On 11 April 1944 he was released as Assistant Adjutant and assigned as Classification Officer. On the 13th of April he was released as Asst Classification Officer and assigned as Unit Officer, “n0n-T”.  On the 15th he was assigned additional duties as Special Services Officer and appointed “CL ‘A'” Finance Officer. On the 22nd he was assigned additional duties as Investment Officer and on the 28th he was listed as Unit Claims Officer. On 29 May he was listed as detached service to the 94th Replacement BN and was returned to duty on 4 July.  Berblinger was transferred on 14 July ( destination not listed).

Bing, Roland E. Jr. 2nd Lt, AUS, 01845952.  Lt. Bing was attached, unassigned to Co. A on 9 June 1943 from OCS number 1, AAS, Fargo ND.  He was assigned to Co. A, on 19 June 1943. On 29 June he was transferred  to RC Ft Benning, Ga. On 15 July 1943, O rescind SD only, never assigned. No further information.

Binger, Albert E. 2nd Lt, AUS, 01895561. Trained at OCS#2, Grinnell, Iowa. Listed as C Platoon Commander in May 1943.  On 2 July 1943,  he was transferred to QM Replacement Pool, Charlotte, NC. No further information.

Boyer, Walter B. 2nd Lt, Ord. 01557618. Joined Battalion on 4 December 1944 from OORP, Ord School, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Md. He was assigned as BN Transportation Officer. On 24 Jan 44 he transferred to  the 211th Repl Co.  From  23 Jan  to 18 Feb 1944  he was on detached service to the 9th Repl Depot. On 1 March 1944 he is assigned additional duty as Exchange Officer and on 28 March is reassigned to the 210th Replacement Company.  He was the Investment Officer from 10-22 Apr 44. On 24 Apr 44  Boyer was released form assignment  with the 210th Replacement Company and assigned to Hq Det, 54th Repl BN, as Transportation Officer. On 25 Apr 44 he was assigned additional duty as Utilities Officer.  In July 44 he is still listed as Hq Transportation Officer. On 27 July 1944 he is listed as Supernary Voting Officer.

The following information was added from a 13 April 44 quarterly report from the 210th Repl Co.  28 March 44, Jd fr 211 Repl Co -Plt Comdr – Mess O, Railroad Camp.

Butler, Roy M. Major, Infantry, 0315519.  Major Butler trained at IRTC, Camp Croft, SC. He was originally assigned to HQ as Battalion Executive Officer in May 1943. He is listed on “SD” from 28 September to 4 November 1943 with Hq Co, 12th Repl BN. In Jan 44 still listed as BN XO. On 1 Mar 44 Butler is placed on detached service with the 94th Replacement Battalion and is transferred to the 94th in April 1944.

Cawthon, John A. 2nd Lt, AUS 01845960. Trained at OCS#1, AAS, Fargo ND. Assigned unattached to Co B on 9 June 1943. Assigned on 19 June 1943. 15 July 1943, O rescind SD only. 29 July 1943, released from SD.  No further information.

Chapman, Willard K. 1st Lt, Inf, 01285895.  Chapman trained at IRTC, Camp Wheeler, GA. He was Company A Commander in May 1943 as is still listed as Co A Commander in September 1943. He was promoted to Captain on 25 September 1943. In Jan 44 209th Replacement Company, Company Commander. On 6 April 44  he is transferred to 71st Repl BN (209th Repl Co).

Cummings, Thomas F. 2nd Lt, AUS 01895707. Trained at OCS#2, AAS, Grinnell Iowa.  Cummings is listed as Hq, BN Supply Officer, May 1943.  He was transferred to 12th Replacement Depot on 5 June 1943. On 15 July 1943 O rescind SD 12th Repl Depot.  Again transferred to 12th Repl Depot on 11 August 1943. No further information.

Dean, Russell, W. 1st LT. 01291434. Listed on the 8 October quarterly report. 5 September 44, assigned and joined from Hq, 1st Provisional Replacement Battalion as Executive Officer. On 20 September 44 Transferred to Det. 101 GFRS APO 551.

Eicks, Clement,S. Captain, Inf, 0452032. Trained at Infantry School, Ft Benning Ga. Listed as BN Adjutant, and as Commanding Officer of  Hq Det, May 1943. On 1 June 1943, he was releaved as CO Hq Det.  On 13 June 1943 he was , Relieved as Adjutant and assigned Asst P&T Officer.On 28 Sept 1943, he was transferred to IRP, IRTC Camp Croft, SC.  No further information.

Engelbeck, Ranald  M (listed as B in Army records). Lt Col. Cav. 0221966. Joined from Hq GFRC 6 April 44 (replaced Tindall). Assumed command of Bn of 8 April 44.  Listed as BN com officer Jul 44. Transferred 19 Sept 44.

  He was appointed a Second Lieutenant, Field Artillery Reserve, on 10 August 1925 and since that time has had the following promotions: First Lieutenant, Cavalry Reserve (based on Federal recognition), 28 July 1928; Captain, Cavalry (based on Federal recognition), 13 November 1928; appointed Captain, Cavalry, National Guard of the United States, 4 April 1934. Federally recognized as Major, Cavalry, Iowa National Guard, 1 November 1938; appointed Major, Cavalry, National Guard of the United States, 3 December 1938; promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, Cavalry, 12 August 1942. Colonel Engelbeck entered on active duty pursuant to order or the President, dated 27 December 1940.

Prior to his assignment as Commanding Officer, 54th Replacement Battalion, Colonel Engelbeck has served as the Commanding Officer, 2nd Squadron, 113th Cavalry (H –Mecz); and Instructor, Department of Tactics, Cavalry School; Commanding Officer, 3rhd Reconnaissance Squadron Mechanized (later redesignated as the 38th Reconnaissance Squadron Mechanized). Colonel Engelbeck has also served brief tours of duty with Headquarters, 2nd Cavalry Group; and Headquarters, Ground Force Replacement System.

Notes from Ranald Engelbeck’s son George:

Ranald Engelbeck was a National Guard Cavalry officer from Iowa.  He went overseas in October or November of 1943 as commander of the 3rd Reconnaissance Squadron from Camp Maxie, near Paris, Texas.  That unit saw action in Normandy with many buried at Ste-Mere-Eglice off Utah Beach.

George Engelbeck (son) wrote that, “I was eleven at the time and recall that Dad was assigned to a replacement battalion in the summer of 1944.  However, I thought it was after the invasion.  He had participated in the planning for the invasion in early 1944 and that may be where they sent him until September 1944.”  He also wrote that, “The final months of the war Dad spent in Paris as Commander of an MP Unit.  I understood that it was composed of combat veterans, in order to have some stature in order to control our combat veterans in the city on R&R.”

Note: 1/17/14: I was notified by George Engelbeck that Ranald’s middle initial was “M”, not “B”. This may create some confusion as his middle initial is listed as “B” in all of the army records that I have.

Erdman, George B. 2nd Lt, Inf, 01316395. IRTC, Camp Wheeler, GA. Listed as BN Mess Officer May 1943. On 6 June 1943, SD Mess O 12 Repl Depot. 1 July 1943, transferred to Co A. On 4 September 1943 transferred to Co B and assumed command. Promoted to 1st Lt on 23 October 1943. Listed as 210th Co in Jan 44.  7 Feb 44 Plt Ldr from CO. 18 March 44 transferred Det of Ptnts (?) 298 Gen Hospital. 15 April 44, Joined Bn from 10th Repl Depot, assigned Plt Ldr, 210th Repl Co. Abby Park.  Listed on Detached Service on 1 May 44 to 10th Repl Depot.

The following information was found in the 210th Repl Co. Unit report dated 13 April 1944. 19 jan 1944 CO. 22 Jan 44 to 160 Sta Hosp.  7 Feb 44 Hosp to CO Abby Park. 21 Feb 44 to 160 Sta Hosp. 18 March 44 Trfd to Det of Ptnts 298 Gen Hospital.

Also from 13 April 44 210th Repl Co report:

“George B. Erdman, First Lt, Infantry, 01316395, was Commanding Officer of the 210th Replacement Company when it arrived in the United Kingdom, having assumed command of the company of 4 Sept 1943, relieving Second Lt. Alton U. Robinson, Infantry, who had commanded the Company (then Co B), since its activation. Lt Erdman had been assigned to Headquarters and to Co A of the Battalion prior to the time he joined Company B.

Lt Erdman was born 16 Jan 1903. He has had an extensive military background, having served with the United States Marine Corps from 26 August to 25 August 1922 and from 26 April 1923 to 17 May 1927, and with the Marine Corps Reserve from 18 May 1927 to 17 May 1931. He was inducted into the army of the United States on 18 June 1942 and was commissioned a 2nd Lt, Infantry, 1 April 1943, following graduation from Infantry Officer Candidate School, Fort Benning, Georgia. He was promoted to 1st Lt on 23 October 1943.

Following a period of hospitalization, Lt Erdman was transferred to the Detachment of Patients, 298th General Hospital, on or about 18 March 1944.”

Additional information from 8 October 1944 report.  After the 298th “he was then reassigned and joined from the 10th Replacement Depot to this Company on 14 April 1944. Appointed Camp Commander of Abby Park Camp. On 1 May 1944, he went on Detached service to 10th Replacement Depot, APO 874. On 24 May 1944 he was transferred to Casual Detachment 56, 15th Replacement Battalion.”

Fine, Louis L. 2nd Lt, AUS 01895774. OCS#2, AAS, Grinnell Iowa. Co A Commander May 1943. Listed as A Co Plat Commander September 1943, 11 October 1943 tranferred to BN Hq, Bn Trans Officer. 23 November 1943, CO Hq Detachment. On 6 December 1943 promoted to 1st Lt. On 9 December transferred to 211 Repl Co. Jan 44 Plat Co 211th. 24 Jan 44 transferred to HQ as Trans Officer.  24 April 44 released from assignment Hq, assigned 210th Repl Co, primary duty, Platoon Ldr and Mess Officer of Railroad Camp, also Supply Officer. Listed as Commanding Officer on 23 June 1944. 29 July 44 appointed Post Exch Officer, Special Services Officer,  Cl A aft Officer. 31 July 44 transferred to BN Hq Unit Officer, Non-T. 11 Aug 44 released Cl A agt Officer, appointed Alt Cl A aft O. 18 Aug 44 released BN Special Services Officer. 15 Sept 44 appointed BN Special Services Officer.  No further information.

Gosch, George, Jr. Capt. Cav. 0297981. 1 Mar 44 DS from 94th Repl Bn, assigned dy Ex Officer. 17 April 44 released from add duty as Operations Officer. 1 May 44 DS 10th Repl Depot. 9 May 44 released add duty as Summary Court. 6 July 44 released DS returned to duty.  22 July 44 transferred.

Graham, Frank K. 2nd Lt, Cav, 01023082. 13 Mar 44 assigned to 210th from Casual, Plat Co.  Listed on 210th Repl Co report as Plt Comdr and Mess O, Abbey Park. Release as Supply Officer on 25 April. 1 May 44 listed as Commanding Officer of Abby Camp. In June (day not listed) Released from CO Abby Camp. 23 June listed as Supply Officer, Plt Commander and Mess Officer of Abby Camp. In July 1944 he is listed as Supply Officer and Platoon Commander.

Hart, Ira W. Capt. AUS 01895711. OCS#2, AAS, Grinnell Iowa. Listed as C Co Platoon Commander May 1943. Listed as C Co Platoon Commander Sept 1943. Promoted to 1st Lt on 10 December 1943. 29 Jan 44 transferred to CO 210th Repl Co.

Capt Ira Hart, 210th Repl Co. Cmdr, Septemes France. Baker collection.

The following information was added from a 13 April 44 quarterly report of the 201th Repl Co. 2 Feb 44 joined from 211 Repl Co- assumed command of Co and of Railroad Camp. He is listed as Commanding Officer of Company and Railroad Camp  in April 44.

Also from the same 13 April 44 report of the 210th Repl BN: “Ira W. Hart, 1st Lt, Army of the United States, 01895711, was transferred to, and assumed command of, the 210th Repl Co on 2 Feb 1944, from the 211th Repl Co (formerly Company C 54th Replacement Battalion), with which he had served with since being graduated from Officer Candidate School No. 2, Army Administration Schools, Grinnell Iowa, on 12 May 1943.

     Lt. Hart was a former Regular Army enlisted man, having served form 11 June 1931 to 10 June 1934. He again entered service on 13 January 1942 and was serving as a Master Sergeant with the 7th Air Force when he was selected to attend Officer Candidate School. He has seen service in the Hawaiian Department and at Midway, as well as in the United States and in England, and, as a civilian, witnessed the bombing of Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941. He was born in Colfax, Washington, 26 August 1907.”

On the 8 October quarterly report for the 210th Repl Co. Hart is listed as Captain and commanding officer for the 210th. No date of promotion given.

Helterbran, David J. 1st Lt, AGD, 01895630. Joined Bn 1 June 44 from 183rd Repl Co. Assigned duty Asst Adj, promoted to 1st Lt, assigned add duty as Spec Serv Officer. 10 June 44 assigned add dty as Bond and Insurance, assigned add dy as Bn Postal O. 29 July 44 released add dy as Bn Spec Serv Officer.

Horvath, Steven, J. 2nd Lt. 01182862 Listed on the 8 October quarterly report. 31 July, Asgd not yet joined from Hq 54th Repl BN. Detached Service with Provisional Co. “C” 10th Repl Depot, APO 874.  On 28 August transferred to Casual Det. #56, 15th Repl BN effective 24 may 44.

Jeunelot, Charles E. 2nd Lt, AUS 01895630. OCS#2, AAS, Grinnell Iowa. Listed as B Co Commander in May 1943. Listed as BN Supply Officer in June and September 1943. Promoted to 1st Lt on 14 December 1943.

Keipe, Henry A. Major, Inf 0221163. Assumed command of this Battalion of 20 September 1944 was born 30 July 1902.  He has served a period of three years in the Wisconsin National Guard (1922-1925) as Enlisted Man. Upon his graduation from Ripon College, Wisconsin, he was commissioned a 2nd Lt in the Officer’s Reserve Corps on 30 July 1925.  During 1928 Major Keipe served a tour of four weeks duty at the second Lieutenant’s School at Fort Sheridan, Ill.  During this same year, he was promoted to permanent grade of 1st Lt. In the Officer’s Reserve Corps. As a 1st Lt. Major Keipe was on duty with Headquarters Company, 6th Infantry during 1930. In 1935 Major Keipe was promoted to permanent grade of Captain in the Officer’s Reserve Corps and served another tour of duty as company commander of Company “A”, 2nd Infantry. From 1936 to 1939 inclusive, Major Keipe was a company commander at a CMTC camp. During the Wisconsin Maneuvers of 1940, he served as Executive Officer of the 2nd Battalion, 128th Infantry, Wisconsin National Guard. Major Keipe was called to active duty 10 January 1941 pursuant to order of the President and at the same time was promoted to permanent grade of Major in the Officer’s Reserve Corps.

Following his call to active duty, Major Keipe served as a Battalion Commander at the Reception Center, Camp Grant, Illinois. Subsequent to this assignment, tours of duty have been served my Major Keipe as Executive Officer of the 611th Tank Destroyer Battalion and Commanding Officer of the 649th Tank Destroyer Battalion (Colored), as well as assistant to the Chief of Staff XVI Corps.

Prior to his assignment as Commanding Officer of this Battalion, Major Keipe served as Camp Commander of Camp #17, 9th Replacement Depot, and Executive Officer of his present command. During his military career, Major Keipe has attended the following schools: the Infantry School, Fort Benning, Georgia, 1942; the Tank Destroyer Orientation School, Camp Hood, Texas, 1942; and the Command and General Staff School (G-2), Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, 1943.

24 April 44 released DS CP #17 assigned Ex Officer-placed on DS as CO CP#17.  July 44 BN XO. 17 July 44 DS as CO cP 17. 8 Aug 44 released DS as CO Cp 17. 12 Sep 44 appointed Unit Claims Officer. 20 Sep 44 assigned BN CO, released Unit Claims Officer.

Kredo, Albert H. 1st Lt. DC 01517317. Joined from 1479 SCU, Camp Sibert, AL of 15 December 1943, assigned BN Dental Officer. Promoted to Captain in July 44,

Kroll, John G. 1st Lt, MC,0469016. Joined as BN Medical Officer on 15 December 1943 from 1456 SCU, Camp Gordon, GA. Promoted to Captain 15 May 44. No further information.

Larsen, Harold W. 2nd Lt. AUS, 10895782. OCS#2, AAS, Grinnell Iowa. Listed as B Co Plat Commander in May 1943. Additional duty, BN Mess Officer on 6 June 1943. Transferred to BN Mess Officer on 10 July 1943. Transferred to Co A on 18 August 1943. Listed as A Co Plat Commander September 1943. 209th Plat Cmdr Jan 44. 6 April 44 transferred to 71st Replacement BN (209th Repl Co.) No further information.

Levison, David H. 2nd Lt, FA 01179935. Joined 209th Repl Co on 15 December 1943 from 3419 SCU, ASTP, API, Auburn, GA. 6 April 44 transferred to 71st Replacement BN (209th Repl Co.) No further information.

Maas, Robert D. 2nd Lt. 01032370. Listed as officer in 1944, no details.

McLain, William O. 2nd Lt. AUS, 01895715.

OCS#2, AAS, Grinnell Iowa. Listed as Plat A Commander in May 1943. Transferred to B Co on 21 July, 1943. Listed as B Co Plat Commander in September 1943. 19-29 Feb 44 additional duty as Exchange Officer. Transferred to 211th Repl Co 28 March 44. April 44 211th Plat Ldr. 6 April 44 transferred to 71st Replacement BN (209th Repl Co.).  Currently (April 2011) living in Palm Springs, CA. Mr McLain added much information to this project.

The following information was added from a 210th Repl Co. quarterly report dated 13 April 1944.  19 Jan 44, Plt Comdr – Sup O-Sp Serv O. 2 Feb Reld Sup O – CO Abby Park. 7 Feb 44 reld CO Abby Park. 21 Feb 44, Plat Comdr – Mess O Abby Park.  28 March 44 Trfd to 211 Repl Co.

McNew, Harry C Jr. Captain, FA, 0266897. From HQ, 12th Repl Depot. Joined BN on 16 June 1943. Listed as BN Adj 23 June 1943. Listed as CO, HQ Det 29 June 1943. On 15 July order rescinded, attached only. On 12 August released from Adj and CO Hq Det, assigned Asst P&T.  Released from SD with 54th on 17 August 1943. No further information.

Morrissey, Harold R. 2nd Lt, AUS 01895761.  OCS#2, AAS, Grinnell Iowa. Listed as C Plat Commander May and Sept 1943. On 27 October 1943, SD CMP, Camp Butner.  Released from SD 27 November 1943. Tranferred to Hq Co. 12th Repl Depot, 7 December, 1943. No further information.

Muller, Harold G. 2nd Lt, Inf, 01316189. IRTC, Camp Wheeler Ga. Listed as C Co Commander in May 1943 and September 1943. Promoted to 1st Lt on 22 October 1943. April 44 CO 211th. 6 April 44 transferred to 71st Replacement BN (209th Repl Co.)  No further information.

Noffsinger, William G, 2nd Lt, US 01845289. USA Rectg Sta. Tampa FL. Originally assigned to B Company, date unknown. Joined and was assigned to Co C on 20 July 1943.  Listed as C Co Plat Commander in September 1943. Transferred to BN Hq, BN Asst Adj on 24 September 1943. Transferred to Co C, 15 October 1943. Transferred to 209th Repl Co on 9 December 1943. Transferred to BN Hq BN Asst Adj. On 11 December 1943.  Jan 44 Personnel Officer. 14 March 44 reld Per Officer and assigned Classification Officer. 1 June 44 promoted to 1st Lt. 10 June 44 released add dy as BN Postal Officer. No further information.

Prettyman, William O. Jr. 1st Lt, AGD 0529397. 13 April 44 joined from FFRD#2, assigned duty as Assistant Classification Officer. 3 May 44 additional duty as BN Historiam. 31 May 44 appointed Cl “A” Finance Officer. July 44 HQ Asst Class Officer. 29 July 1944 released Class A Finance Officer. 1 August 44 promoted to 1st Lt.

O’Connell, Brendan A. 1st Lt. 0435576. Listed on 8 October 44 quarterly report. 5 September 44, assigned and joined from Hq, 1st Provisional Repl Bn as Mess Officer.  On 21 September listed as Executive Officer.

Raichart, Richard B. 2nd Lt, AUS 01995326. USA Rctg Sta, Savannah Ga. Joined Hq on 20 July 1943. Listed as Asst Adj on 26 July 1943. Released Asst Adj and assigned Adj CO HQ Det on 12 August 1943. Listed as BN Adj Co Hq Det in September 1943. Reld Adj and assigned Asst Adj on 9 November 1943. Released as Asst Adj and assigned Adj on 15 November 1943. On November 9, Released CO HQ Det. Transferred to 210th Repl Co 12 November 1943. Transferred to 209th Repl Co on 11 December 1943. Transferred to Sta Comp, Camp Butner NC on 18 December, 1943.  No further information.

Remsing, Joseph R. 2nd Lt, AUS 01845614. USA Rctg Sta, Raleigh NC. Joinedd Hq on 20 July 1943. SC Co B on 23 July 1943. Assigned to Co B 31 August 1943. Listed as B Co Plat Commander in September 1943. Transferred to BN Asst Adj on 15 October 1943. On 9 November 1943 CO HQ Det Asst Adj to Adj. On 15 November 1943 Adj to Asst Adj. On 23 November 1943 Released CO Hq Det. Promoted to 1st Lt on 6 December 1943. On 11 December 1943 Asst Adj to Adj. Adjutant through at least August 44. Promoted to Captain 15 July 44. 26 Sept 44 Aptd actg CO Hq Det. No further information.

Robinson, Alton U. 2nd Lt, Inf 01313131, IRTC, Camp Wheeler, Ga. Listed as B Co Commander in May and September 1943. Transferred to Co A on 4 September 1943. Promoted to 1st Lt on 24 October 1943. Jan 44 209th Plat Commander. 6-Trfd 71st Repl BN (209th Repl Co.) No further information.

Schommer, Harvey C. 2nd Lt, QMC 01584860. Joined from Hq Co, 12th Repl Depot Camp Butner NC. Joined and assigned 211th Repl Co on 7 December 1943. Jan 44 211th Plat Cmdr. 23 Jan 44 DS 9th Repl Depot. April 44 DS 9th Repl Depot. No further information.

Stukalin, Samual M. 1st Lt, 0522177. Joined as BN Dental Officer on 2 November 1943 from 1479 SCU, Camp Silbert, Ala. On 4 December 1943 transferred to Repl Pool Stark General Hospital, Charleston, SC.  No further information.

John R. Tindall, 0188045, Infantry, who has commanded the Battalion from its activation on 25 May 1943, was born 26 September 1900. During World War I, he attended Infantry Officer Candidate School. His commission as a Reserve Officer was secured on 11 December 1923 and since that date he has received the following promotions: First Lieutenant, January 1929; Captain, November 1933; Major, February 1939; and Lieutenant Colonel, 21 December 1943. Colonel Tindall has had, in addition, five years duty with the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Colonel Tindall has, prior to assignment to this Battalion, completed tours of duty as a Camp Intelligence Officer, a Camp Inspector, and on Instruction in Infantry Tactics. Colonel Tindall has seen the strength of the Battalion grow from a small cadre to an organization competent to cope with the problems of a replacement battalion. He guided the Battalion during its training period and, now, during its working period. 7 April 44 transferred to 10th Repl Depot.

Williams, Tracy. 2nd Lt, AUS 0506976. Joined from Sta Comp Camp Mackall NC, 19 July 1943 and assigned to Co A. On 18 August 1943 assigned to BN Hq, Bn Mess Officer. On 12 November 1943 transferred to 210th Repl Co. Promoted to 1st Lt on 6 December 1943. Transferred to 211th Repl Co 29 Jan 44. 30 Jan to 18 Feb 44 on DS 9th Repl Depot. 6 April 44 transferred to 71st Replacement BN.  No further information.

The following information is added from a 210th Repl Co. quarterly report dated 13 April 1944.  19 Jan 44, Plt Comdr Mess F. 22 Jan 44, assummed Comd.  29 Jan 44 Trfd to 211 Repl Co.

Williamson, Delbert E. 2nd Lt. AUS, 01895546. OCS#2, AAS, Grinnell Iowa. Listed as Bn Asst Adj in May 1943. 1 June 1943, CO Hq Det. 14 June 1943 Reld Asst Adj assigned Adj. 23 June 1943 reld Adj, assigned Asst Adj. 29 June 1943 reld Co, Hq Det.  Transferred to Co B on 24 September 1943. Jan 44 210th Repl Co Platoon Commander. 18 Feb 44 transferred to BN Hq, Assistant Classification Officer. 11 April 44 released as Assistant Classification Officer and assigned Assistant Adj. 25 April 44 transferred G01 ETOUSA. 3 May 44 released additional duty BN Historian. Author’s personal note.  I have relied very heavily on the unit history information recorded by Lt Williamson.  No further information.

Wilson, LeRoy jr. 2nd Lt. UAS 01895762. OCS#2, AAS, Grinnell Iowa. Listed as B Plat Commander in May and September 1943. Transferred to Hq, BN Asst P&T on 12 November 1943. CO of Hq Det on 17 December 1943. Listed as Operations Officer in Jan 44. 9-18 Feb 44 additional duties as Exchange Officer. 18 March 44 released as Operations Officer and assigned as Assistant Training Officer. 14 April 44 released from additional duty CO Hq Det. 15 April 44 released as Cl A finance Officer. July 44 Asst Training Officer. 10 July –11 August 44 alternate Cl A Agt Officer. 20 September 44 appointed Exchange Officer, released duty as Training Officer. No additional information.

Young, Leroy S. Capt. CAC 0294480. Joined BN from FFRD#2 on 8 April 44. Assigned duty as Training Officer 13 April 44. Assigned duty as Summary Court 9 May 44. July 44 listed as Training Officer. Promoted to Captain on 15 July 44. No additional information.


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